E-mail Marketing – Are You Making this Fatal Mistake in Your Newsletters?

January 22nd, 2010

E-mail marketing is an essential part of any serious digital marketing strategy. It allows you to communicate directly with your best prospects and customers in a format that they have asked for (they signed up for the list). This is a great opportunity to gain new customers and develop deeper relationships with current customers. But so many companies are misusing the format and are ruining credibility with their audience.

At the same time they’re building their subscriber bases by thousands upon thousands, thus spreading negative perceptions about their brand like wildfire. All because of one mistaken assumption about the right way to do e-mail marketing.

Are your e-mails ruining your brand? Read on to find out…

How many e-mail newsletters do you subscribe to? 10? 20? More?

Now, how many of those do you consistently open and read? A generous guess would be maybe 20%. Why are you reading the ones you are, and ignoring the others?

While the reasons are varied, it’s safe to assume you like the content being provided to you within. Which brings me to my point…

These bad newsletters don’t have bad content, they just don’t have content at all. They are nothing more than an extended sales-pitch. Even the most diehard fan of a brand grows weary of being “sold to” week after week, after week.

Over-selling will destroy your brand faster than any other mistake you can make.

Great newsletters provide rich and valuable information to the intended audience. This week, when you receive your 20 or 30 e-mail newsletters, pay special attention to the ones you don’t read. Take a look at what you perceive they are doing wrong, and then do the opposite!

Start focusing on creating valuable content for your readers and you might be surprised at how many subscribers you gain in the process!

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