Google Now Offering Location-Based Search Results

March 2nd, 2010


Google recently added the ability to search by location to its ever-growing list of search-sorting options. This will be a groundbreaking shift for local business owners taking part in paid-search.

Consider the following scenario:

You’re a dry-cleaner serving a metropolitan city and its surrounding areas, including suburbs, 2 or 3 counties, and countless incorporated town names. If you wanted to only advertise to people living in those areas who are searching for the term “dry-cleaner”, you’d have to guess what else they might type in (as it relates to their location). If your shop is in the city limits, and your customers are j

ust across the county line, they may not see your paid-search advertising.

But thanks to the change Google recently made, it won’t matter anymore.

Now, Google knows where someone is (via their IP address) when they submit a search and can return results based on their location, even if they didn’t type a location as part of their search. So someone searching for “dry-cleaner” can see results local to them whether they typed in a city name, or not.

Studies consistently show that the more custom-tailored an ad is to a searcher’s specific situation, the higher the click-through rate. Which means better results for you and your business.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on location-based search and the exciting opportunities it brings with it.

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