Three Crucial Tips for Turning Your Audience into Rabid Fans

May 6th, 2010

So you’ve connected with your prospects and presented an offer on a product or service too tasty to resist … now what?

Obviously the process of connecting with your audience and converting prospects into customers isn’t so cut and dry (we’ll cover connecting and converting in other posts), but the nuts and bolts of the follow through is as simple as you make it.

More often brands that shoot themselves in the proverbial foot with their ongoing marketing efforts, do so after disappearing once the excitement of engaging their audience and selling a few products wears off.

So if you’ve engaged your target audience, sold a few products/services and are not sure what to do next, here are three crucial tips for turning that same audience into rabid fans and not just a bottom line:

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of creating a human connection
  2. Don’t be afraid to put your brand’s unique story and personality front and center. Leverage individuality and create a seamless relationship between it and your brand (after all, your story is not just an extension of your business). Put a face front and center so that you can not only engage with your customers on a more personal and intimate level, but listen to them and gain more insight into their needs as well.

    You’ll have a story to share, a brand star and an understanding of your audience’s needs and how your business and products can fulfill.

  3. Establish Consistency!
  4. A key component to providing for your audience and keeping them happy is to establish a clear and consistent strategy for how you will provide and when. Whether it’s your monthly email newsletter, ongoing content on your site or blog, or how you respond to customer service inquiries, it’s essential that you communicate your intention and what your audience should expect.

    Examples would include creating a content best practice guide that sets clear quality and formatting guidelines for every new piece of content you post on your site, or clearly establishing how often you will be updating your blog or sending the latest promotions to your email list.

    It is crucial to not only establish consistency, but to reinforce it through action. Simply stating the intention to update your blog once per week means nothing without follow through … and no follow through can jeopardize the trust you’re actively building with your audience.

  5. Sticky Content = Rabid Fans
  6. Sticky content is exactly what it sounds like. Engaging headlines that prompt your audience to read past the first sentence. Valuable information that provides insight into how your products and services solve a problem or fulfill a need.  Strong call to actions that provide a clear process for engaging with your brand, whatever the end goal may be.

    Best of all, sticky content can create a snowball affect that delivers VALUE  far exceeding the cost of services/products you provide, strongly reinforces your relationship with your audience and has them begging for more.

What about you? How are you turning your audience into rabid fans?
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