Wowsers: The Chimpadeedo Signup Form App for iPad

June 9th, 2010

Chimpadeedo signup form for the iPadOkay iPad users, I’ll admit that we don’t go out of our way to feature Apple news. Considering there are blogs geared to tech and geek news and product reviews that do it a lot better than we can, we stick to offering tips on effectively marketing your brand or business.

Enter Chimpadeedoo, a signup app for iPad with a sleek and simple interface for collecting email addresses while you’re in physical locations.  Exchanging business cards at trade shows just got an extreme makeover.

Best part is that you can actually store connections locally on your iPad, so if you’re in a bind without internet access, you’re still covered on nabbing that essential new contact’s information.

MailChimp’s Chimpadeedo App for iPad

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