Generalization – The Conversion-Killing Landing Page Mistake

July 6th, 2010

The conversion-killing landing page mistakeThe number one conversion-killing mistake for any landing page is being too general.

If you’re an auto dealership looking to shine a spotlight on your hot new 2010 mid-size SUV lines, then why fill the limited real estate you have for content on your landing page with general information about your brand and dealership?

Because it’s too tempting (and often much easier for busy business owners) to simply re-use existing Website content to populate your landing page. After all, it’s all about driving traffic … right?

It’s a tight-rope walk for most brands. While there is certainly value in establishing the positives that your brand offers potential customers via the content on your landing page, in the end the true value of a landing page all chalks up to relevancy. The more on target and relevant your message is to the solutions, products or services people are actively searching for, the more likely you are to increase your loyal customer base.

So while driving traffic is an essential first step, once you’ve connected with your audience your follow through is even more crucial to converting your audience into customers.

Here are three important questions you should ask before writing your landing page content:

How relevant is your landing content to your PPC ad copy?

Effective PPC marketing is all about relevancy. Creating a positive feedback loop on publishers like Google requires a simple three step process:

  1. Keyword and competitive research to help you understand what your targeted prospects are searching for so that you can shift your PPC efforts and provide enticing copy that captures search demand.
  2. Write engaging ad copy that is relevant to what your targeted prospects are searching for (if it’s tips on pet training, don’t focus all of your efforts on writing ad copy offering discount puppy chow).
  3. Ad copy should be hyper relevant to the content on your landing page, creating a positive feedback loop with both user and search engine.

Relevant ad copy supported by relevant landing page copy = winning formula every time.

Are my headlines both keyword relevant and engaging?

An important litmus test for landing page copy is whether a) the primary headline grabs your attention and entices you to keep reading, and b) your headline is targeted and meaty vs. irrelevant and generalized.

Focus your headlines on the product or service that you are promoting on the landing page. Your headline should both engage the user and tell them exactly what to expect if they continue reading your content.

Am I talking too much about my brand instead of how I can help my audience?

General copy about your company history, while important in helping to establish trust with your audience, is not always best applied in the body of your landing page content.

Cut to the chase. Use bullets to present the benefits of your products and services. Separate chunks of copy into shorter paragraphs using sub headlines. Keep the copy concise and use your landing page content to build a case for conversion – from engaging headline to benefits copy to a stirring call to action.

Simply put, your landing page content should focus all of its energy on helping the user understand why this particular product or service can change their lives, solve a great need or concern, etc. Focus only on the higher points of your company/brand, and risk being relegated to irrelevancy bin ten fold.

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