7 Content Best Practices for Improving E-mail Campaign Performance

August 17th, 2010

 7 email content best practices to improve campaign performanceImproving e-mail campaign performance doesn’t need to be rocket science. In fact, sending highly valuable, relevant and of course targeted e-mail campaigns can be accomplished by placing a few, simple content best practices in your utility belt.

  1. Personable “to” and “from” field – Use your company or first name if applicable for the “from” field. Personalization is key. Be sure that your opt-in process asks for the right information. Using a first and last name as opposed to the company name in your e-mail’s “to” field is an important indicator that you value your prospects enough to devote the time to addressing them personally.
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Reaching New Customers with Online Display Advertising

August 3rd, 2010

Reaching new customers with display advertisingCreating demand starts with creating awareness of your brand.  While paid search is especially effective in driving results further down the buyer funnel (capturing people actively searching for products/services you provide), display advertising is an essential tool for driving buyer consideration and awareness.

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