7 Content Best Practices for Improving E-mail Campaign Performance

August 17th, 2010

 7 email content best practices to improve campaign performanceImproving e-mail campaign performance doesn’t need to be rocket science. In fact, sending highly valuable, relevant and of course targeted e-mail campaigns can be accomplished by placing a few, simple content best practices in your utility belt.

  1. Personable “to” and “from” field – Use your company or first name if applicable for the “from” field. Personalization is key. Be sure that your opt-in process asks for the right information. Using a first and last name as opposed to the company name in your e-mail’s “to” field is an important indicator that you value your prospects enough to devote the time to addressing them personally.
  2. Relevant subject line – Why expect people to open your e-mail if your subject line either a) speaks to a very general audience or b) doesn’t specifically provide content expectations? Be targeted, be concise and be relevant. If the e-mail is about dog training, your subject line shouldn’t be promoting a new line of puppy grub.
  3. Engaging headlines – Go compelling or plan on going home. Your headline should grab the reader, speaking to their specific needs and interests and providing a compelling reason to keep reading.
  4. Get to them, early and often – Provide exclusive sales and promotions to loyal customers first. Sound crazy? If someone takes the time to sign up for your e-mails, showing obvious interest in the products and services you offer, why not reward them? Don’t be surprised if you build a few brand advocates in the process.
  5. Keep it concise – Brevity is an art. Use bullets to break up long chunks of text and to present the benefits in hard-hitting fashion.
  6. Trust and value first – Focus on relationships first, providing value to your audience that exceeds the cost of services and products you offer. Why? Trust is a precious commodity, increasingly so in the world of Web. Hard sell right off the bat, and risk losing that customer for good. Consider tips and tricks, and toss in a free promo or contest to break up the barrage of marketing information.
  7. Establish frequency – Set clear expectations for content type and delivery. Break this rule and risk ruling your kingdom from Mt. Spammy. Further risk people forgetting about you if you promise to send an e-mail weekly or monthly and fail to follow through consistently. Plus, create a sense of urgency, expectation and potentially buzz without the heavy lifting.

Certainly rocket science need not apply, as it’s the consistency of your content efforts that will ultimately determine pass or fail when it comes to e-mail marketing performance. Follow these simple steps initially to gain traction and build trust, followed by regimented testing of new content offerings to segments of your e-mail list.

Fresh and capable of shifting depending on the demand of your audience = e-mail marketing win.

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