What Makes a Great Landing Page?

December 16th, 2010

Landing pages are the bread and butter (or cheese and bacon, if you prefer) of most digital marketing campaigns. Virtually all other marketing efforts are moot if prospects aren’t converted into customers with a well-crafted landing page.

While efforts can be made to lead a prospect towards doing business with you via Paid Search, Display Advertising, Social Media, and Email Marketing- none of them are as directly responsible for obtaining new customers as a landing page.

So, what makes a great (effective) landing page? While definitely not exhaustive, here is a list of the Big 3 indicators of landing page success. Get these three items in place, and you’ll be well on your way to a land filled with unicorns, double rainbows, and most importantly: full pockets.

1. Obvious Contact Info

It’s amazing how many aesthetically pleasing, and psychologically convincing landing pages are out there that miss out on this simple concept: Make it easy for customers to call or email you!

Many times a prospect is ready to jump, but has that one nagging question that is holding them up; “Can your product do XYZ?”, “How does your service compare to Company X?”. Answering these questions is often the last hurdle you have to overcome before a potential client turns into a customer.

Why not make it easy for a prospect to get that answer? You should put your contact info near the top (preferably in the header) in a large font, with conspicuous placement so it’s impossible to miss! Remember- with a landing page, you’re rolling out the red carpet for potential customers… Above and beyond is the name of the game here, (we can play Hungry Hungry Hippos later).

2. Clear Call to Action

What is it that you want from a prospect? Do you want them to sign up for an email list? Buy a product? Request a brochure? Something else?

Make sure it’s bold and plain-as-day what the next steps are for your prospects. Having a clear call to action is an easy way to achieve that. If you want people to sign up for your email list, you might say “Sign up for our email list!”.

Craft a clear and concise call to action, then place it prominently on your landing page.

3. Simple Means to Act

Once you’ve told a prospect what you’d like them to do via you newly-awesome call to action, it’s time to give them an easy way to do it.

If you have a form to fill out, make sure you aren’t turning people off by how long the form is, or the depth of information required. Only ask for information that is reasonable and necessary for your business to deliver on your end of the deal.

If your call to action is “Request a Free Brochure”, then have a form only asking for a user’s name and address, (or email address if sending it via email).

If you’d like people to visit your full website, make sure you link to it prominently with a button or some kind of contrasting element.

Bonus Tip: Studies show that users like to be led through what they perceive as a process. Try putting an arrow that points to the right alongside your buttons, links, or form-submit buttons. This small addition can have a huge impact on your landing page click-throughs.

While there’s much more to crafting a stellar landing page than just these three concepts, the items listed above are the bare-minimum to ensure some level of success with your landing pages. If your landing pages are missing these items, take a few minutes to add them. You may just find your bottom line growing – and you’ll finally be able to invest in that unicorn farm you’ve been dreaming about.

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