Is Your Business a Good Online Employee?

June 21st, 2011

by Daniel Hadaway wrote an interesting (and useful) blog about the reasons employers look at your Facebook account.

The article lists 10 reasons that are unique in some ways, but all pretty much boil down to this: Are you an honest, upright person? To put it another way: Are you the kind of person that employers want working for them?

This article got me thinking, and not about my secret life as a lip-dub star and the voice behind the Bronx Zoo Cobra Twitter account. No, it got me thinking about how your business is no different than an employee in this article. And your employer is every person who has ever considered doing business with you.

Think about that… Every person… Ever.

Have a look at not just your Facebook Page, but at all of your social media (and your web presence as a whole). Are you putting off the vibe of a reputable and authentic business? Or are you putting off the vibe of the equivalent to an employee who calls in sick and then spends all day posting videos on his friend’s walls?

Keep in mind, that your web-presence should always be an accurate representation of your business. If your business really IS the equivalent to our bad-employee example, there are other issues to address first. But assuming your business is legit, you owe it to yourself to have a second look at your online reputation.

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