The Web Design Journey

November 19th, 2012

Web Design Journeyby Seth Williams

Being a designer for the web, Iai??i??m constantly searching for beautiful new sites for inspiration. Every now and then, Iai??i??ll happen upon a site that makes me pump a fist in the air and land a triple backflip off my desk. The reason for this passionate outburst is due to a few different things that I am seeing more and more in some of todayai??i??s industry-leading websites.

The site is clean. Not just clean, but beautiful.

Use of color, typography and high quality imagery can take a site a very, very long way. A site doesnai??i??t have to be beautiful to be effective, but the way a site “looks” defines the visitor’s first impression, and that impression directly affects the visitorai??i??s decision of whether to stay or leave the site. Weai??i??re definitely in an era of web design where simple, clean and less is more. Donai??i??t let the presence of white space freak you out. Sometimes, well-thought-out white space speaks louder than the alternative.

The site tells a story.

The majority of sites I fall in love with find a creative way to take me on a journey. It doesnai??i??t have to be an epic journey, but one that informs me of the company, product or service in a clear and creative way. Share your company through a story instead of a canvas of clutter. Point your visitors through your site with a balance of words, imagery and actions that lead them to an end goal.

The site leaves your visitor satisfied but wanting more.

You donai??i??t want someone to visit your site and then leave seconds later and never return. Through your clean, beautiful site that now tells a story, your hope should be to inform your visitors of your company in an intriguing way that also leaves them wanting to find out more. Now, you donai??i??t want to frustrate your visitors by not giving them what they came for, but give them a journey that is appealing enough to make them want to return or contact you to find out even more. Donai??i??t let them forget you.

In todayai??i??s culture, people are dealing with thousands of distractions each and every day. If you donai??i??t catch and hold your visitorai??i??s attention in the first few seconds, youai??i??re going to lose them. Keep your site clean and beautiful, use your site to tell a story, and create something so beautiful, memorable and effective that your visitors are inspired to share your site and tell others about your company.

Here are a few websites that inspire me – what inspires you?

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