Blogging for Website Traffic Vs. Blogging for Value

July 21st, 2010

Blogging for Value vs. TrafficA quick keyword search on “blogging” via WordTracker nets a not-too-surprising list of the usual suspects:

  • blogging for money
  • make money blogging
  • make money by blogging

and so the list continues as expected, with obviously a large percentage of the volume dedicated to those of us looking to spike site traffic and hit the big win to blogging and marketing paradise.

But a second, more intriguing number of keywords indicates that knowledge seeking is giving the “make money blogging” crowd a run for its search engine glory:

  • what is blogging
  • explain blogging
  • blogging preschool? (couldn’t have made that up if I tried)
  • what is the meaning of blogging (very deep)

Now either we’re being overrun by Internet existentialists, or there’s something to be said about the demand for good, valuable content with insights into blogging. Which brings me to a larger point.

While blogging is certainly a valuable vehicle for gaining inbound links and subsequent traffic boosts, increased rankings and so on, it’s also a perfect platform for you and your brand to engage with your customers on a whole different level.

Think value before traffic. Think blogging tutorials for beginners. Think about how you can offer these blogging-intrigued enthusiasts a helping hand.

Do this, and watch both your traffic AND reputation in relevant communities spike.

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